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Best P2P streaming software

Software overview

How to Start?
When you've read the beginners guide you can start installing Clients. These are needed to watch the links we schedule. Besides those clients you can also find information on recording any channels. The miscellaneous software contains the software you might already have or which can give you a better experience with watching. Click on a program to navigate to the specific info page. There you can find the download links and installation info.
At the moment we recommend you to install Acestream, Sopcast and Streamtorrent, and makesure to check check the Flash page for all info about the flash links. Enjoy!





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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best P2P Software. The top upgrated list

Software & Downloads

Below is reviews and download links of the latest P2P software, media applications, radio stations and any other useful media software designed to make watching or listening to live sports streaming easier!

P2P Software & Applications

SopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch the video and listen to radio on the Internet. Adopting P2P(Peer-to-Peer) technology, It is very efficient and easy to use. Let anyone become a broadcaster without the costs of a powerful server and vast bandwidth. You can build your own TV stations comparable with large commercial sites with minimal resources. Using SopCast, you can serve 10,000 online users with a personal computer and a home broadband connection. 

SoP is the abbreviation for Streaming over P2P. Sopcast is a Streaming Direct Broadcasting System based on P2P. The core is the communication protocol produced by Sopcast Team, which is named sop://, or Sop technology.

TVU networks offers a free global live TV service that you can watch on your Windows PC over a broadband Internet connection.  This service is dedicated to bringing you TV that you can't get from cable or satellite, such as news and sports from around the world. 

The TVU service is accessed with a free downloadable Windows application, the TVUPlayer, which is available here. The TVU service, accessed via its free TVUPlayer application, has been downloaded 12 million times by viewers in over 200 countries.

TVU uses a new broadcast technology called Real-Time Packet Replication.  With this technology, all the viewers who are watching a channel at the same time are cooperating to give everyone the best possible signal.  TVU's application does not create any new files on your hard disk because you're watching live TV.

Unlike typical Internet video broadcasts that use the older streaming technology, TVU's broadcasters do not need to dedicate more bandwidth for each additional user.  This allows broadcasters to reach very large numbers of viewers at low cost.  Because TVU can have an unlimited number of channels, TVU offers broadcasters opportunities denied to them by cable and satellite systems.  Local broadcasters become global broadcasters; new channels can find a broadcast slot; and bigger broadcasters can create new channels to showcase content that they own but don't have space to broadcast on their existing channels.

Most exciting of all, viewers can become broadcasters using TVU networks' free Broadcast application.  This application, combined with a standard-grade PC and a typical broadband Internet connection, allows anybody to become a broadcaster.  This basic set-up allows any number of viewers world-wide to watch your channel.

TVAnts is one of the pioneers in P2P streaming industry. TVAnts has a vast array of channels on offer from sports to music and education; from ESPN to Discovery channel. The only disadvantage of TVAnts is the advertisements it displays during loading and also the long buffering time. On the plus side, the picture quality is good compared to some of the other software.

Zattoo has developed a software program that allows you to watch TV on your computer. All you need is a broadband connection and a current operating system (Windows XP or Vista, Mac OS X, or Linux). 

To watch live TV on your PC, simply download the Zattoo Player, register, and get channel-surfing! If you run into any problems, take a look at our FAQ section.

Where can I use Zattoo?
Zattoo is currently available in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. We'll be launching in new countries and continents soon, so check back frequently.

Web Based Services is the leader in live video, and the place to broadcast and share video online. Our community consists of over 1 million registered users, and the site receives millions of unique visitors per month and hundreds of millions of pageviews per month.The live video network is powered by Python Media Server – a custom built live streaming video server cluster. The network is 100% owned and operated by and scales to new heights weekly. 

The chat system is powered by the Twisted Chat Server – a custom built chat server that implements a variety of filtering and moderation techniques and relays well over a million messages a day.

Mogulus is the most powerful live broadcast platform on the internet. 

Producers can use the Mogulus browser-based Studio application to create LIVE, scheduled and on-demand internet television to broadcast anywhere on the web through a single player widget.

Our service comes in two flavors Free (ad-supported) and Pro (white-label, no-ads, pay for usage).

Unique features include the ability to mix multiple live cameras, imported videos clips, and overlay graphics.

With Mogulus, producers can broadcast live from a mobile phone; use a customizable flash player with integrated chat; and develop a branded channel page on that incorporates interactive chat.

Ustream.TV is the live interactive video broadcast platform that enables anyone with a camera and an Internet connection to quickly and easily broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size. In less than two minutes, anyone can become a broadcaster by creating their own channel on Ustream or by broadcasting through their own site, empowering them to engage with their audience and further build their brand. Click here to start a broadcast now or learn more about broadcasting. 

Ustream's one-to-many live interactive video encourages broadcast-to-viewer and viewer-to-viewer interaction, empowering a much more engaging experience for everyone involved.

Watch Live Television Online For FREE 

TVCatchup is a new service which lets you watch live television online. There are currently 15 channels to choose from, it's totally legal and absolutely free!

So whether you are at uni, on holiday, travelling with work, away from home or are just too darn lazy to move away from your PC, join the revolution and start watching television with TVCatchup today!


Veetle is a Silicon Valley startup seeking to give the power of high quality video broadcasting back to the people. On Veetle, you can watch video broadcast in TV and HD quality. What's more, you can broadcast your own content in high quality too!It's always been the case that high-end video broadcasting can be done only by a few big media companies. Now, with Veetle, that power is in your hands. As long as you provide us with a good video source, we can broadcast it in high quality. Well, if you give us the video shot using your cell phone, we'll still broadcast it. But don't blame us if it's not in HD :)

Media Players

VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, …) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.
It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.
It doesn't need any external codec or program to work.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today, Manchester United - Manchester City

P2P Name Lang Type Kbps Play
P2P DSC4 nl SopCast 1248 Play
P2P DSC1 nl SopCast 1000 Play
P2P Matrix FĂștbol es Veetle 664 Play
NO directogolz es Jimey 630 Play
NO live724 2 en Castamp 548 Play
NO sportlive fr Zonein 350 Play
NO directo a gol 2 es Castamp 330 Play
NO directo a gol es Castamp 290 Play
NO futvwatch en Streami 270 Play
NO Fcdeportes 2 es Ustream 268 Play
NO futbol tv pro2 es Vstream 256 Play
NO p2pfun en Vstream 212 Play

Friday, February 4, 2011

US accuses 10 sports websites of piracy links

NEW YORK – US agents have sidelined 10 websites they said were linking viewers to pirated telecasts of live sporting events including professional basketball, hockey, wrestling, and other sports.
Federal officers armed with court-issued warrants seized the online domains of,,,,,,,,, and
Visitors to any of the websites were being redirected on Thursday to a notice stating that the particular domain had been seized because of criminal copyright violations punishable by prison time and fines.
Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) teamed with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in New York to execute the warrants.
The sites provided illegal access to copyrighted telecasts of the US National Football League; National Basketball Association; the National Hockey League; World Wrestling Entertainment, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
US Attorney Preet Bharara urged the court to order the website operators to permanently forfeit the domain names.
The move came less than a week before a US football "Super Bowl" championship game renowned for drawing millions of viewers.
"The illegal streaming of professional sporting events over the Internet deals a financial body blow to the leagues and broadcasters who are forced to pass their losses off to the fans in the form of higher priced tickets and pay-per-view events," Bharara said.
"With the Super Bowl just days away, the seizures of these infringing websites reaffirm our commitment to working with our law enforcement partners to protect copyrighted material and put the people who steal it out of business."
Sports leagues and broadcasters lose millions of dollars annually due to pirated events being streamed on the Internet, according to the seizure affidavit.
"This swift action by our HSI New York special agents and analysts sends a clear message to website operators who mistakenly believe it's worth the risk to take copyrighted programming and portray it as their own," said ICE Director John Morton.
The websites seized were described as popular "linking" sites that connected people to online venues where pirated sporting and pay-per-view events were hosted.
The move was the latest phase of "Operation in Our Sites," an ongoing investigation into websites that illegally offer copyrighted and counterfeited goods.
US authorities in November shut down 82 websites selling mostly Chinese-made counterfeit goods, including golf clubs, Walt Disney movies, handbags and other items.
Sites targeted include,,,,,,, and
"Operation In Our Sites" began in June of last year with the closure of nine websites offering pirated movies.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sop Cast. The new release

Latest Release

SopCast Client
SopCast 3.3.2 new
  • Reduced the start time and memory usage when playing H.264 channels.
  • Fixed a bug that crashes client when switching channels.
  • Fixed a bug in Diagnose tool when running on Windows 7.

How to embed Sopcast?

SopCast Embedded
Embed all channels to your site...
Copy the following codes to your web page:

Google power. Take care about your business

What is the actual power of the most important search engine in the World? Negative comments in Google can effect your business or personal name?

There are “some reputation management company” that can solve this issue. It’s a new type of seo service (Search Engine Optimization). You can remove unwanted attention from your personal name or business. But is really possible fix Google results?

Here are some steps to take. Do a Google name search for your company’s name, first of all, and brands. If some malicious comments and reviews appear, then your company definitely needs Internet brand management to restore your good name. If you did a Google name search and you found no negative comments, then: ok, better that way. Who can post a bad comment? A vicious comment can be posted any day, from a disgruntled customer, a former employee or even from your competitors.

Any company can be a target of negative news online, even those that treat their employees well and provide terrific customer service. What types of Internet reputation management steps should you take, to restore your good name or proactively protect your company’s brands?

First, do a Google name search. Record any negative comments or reviews that you find, and then save where they appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs). More important is where the vicious comments appear in the SERPs. Most people who search online do so very efficiently. If they type your company name into the Google search box and negative comments appear on the first page or two, odds are good that people will see those comments. If the first negative comment appears on the 10th page or beyond, only the more dedicated searchers will see them.

How to check automatically? Set up “Google alerts” for all of your branded keyphrases, which includes your company name and all of your brands. This will alert you to new content that is appearing about your firm. Have someone in your company carefully check these alerts for any potential problems.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

EFF: 75,000 People Sued for Porn File Sharing

Looks like mass lawsuits aren't just for Germans anymore: The Electronic Frontier Foundation is estimating that some 75,000 people have been sued for allegedly sharing pornographic movies in the US. This revelation comes as part of a new amicus brief (PDF) the civil liberties group just filed on behalf of 500 file sharers, asking an Illinois judge to squash a lawsuit against people accues of sharing videos from First Time Videos LLC, better known under the porn brand FTVGirls. A footnote of the amicus brief states:

"As of January 14, 2011, by an informal count, well (over) 75,000 people have been sued in similar (in some cases nearly identical) complaints arising from the alleged infringement of pornographic movies. This includes 4507 individuals sued in the Northern District of Illinois alone, in nine separate lawsuits. In addition, mass copyright complaints based on non-pornographic movies have also been brought against over 13,500 people in the District of Columbia."

I just wrote a story about lawsuits like these on NewTeeVee, explaining how German rights holders have filed more than half a million of such lawsuits in 2010. It looks like U.S. rights holders are well on their way to repeat these numbers, unless courts step in - which is of course exactly what the EFF wants. The group blogged on Monday:

"Friday's brief is the latest of EFF's efforts to stop copyright trolls -- content owners and lawyers who team up to extract settlements from thousands of defendants at a time. Tactics include improperly lumping defendants together in one case and filing it in a court far away from most of the accused people's homes and Internet connections. When adult film companies file these predatory lawsuits, there is the added pressure of embarrassment associated with pornography. All of these factors can convince those ensnared in the suits to quickly pay what's demanded of them instead of arguing the merits of their case in court."

It's worth noting that not everyone in the porn biz ready to sue the file sharing masses. Pink Visual's Allison Vivas told me recently that she has no intention to sue individuals, and Private CEO Berth Milton even said that piracy is promotion.

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